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Our Technology

Midgette Family Dentistry in Chesapeake, Virginia

Get better results faster with the latest dental technology

Advances in dental technology raise the bar in oral health care treatment. Midgette Family Dentistry believes using the latest dental technology is the fastest and most cost-effective way to provide superior dental care services to our patients. It is just one part of how your dental care experience at Midgette Family Dentistry is designed to keep you comfortable as you receive the absolute best in oral health care.

We use dental technology that improves all stages of dental care, beginning with a more precise examination. When problems are found earlier, they can be treated earlier, and dental health is maintained. Dental problems begin with decay and damage, and technology helps your dentist find both issues early.


Ceramic Reconstruction (CEREC)

CEREC stands for ceramic reconstruction and is a cornerstone in the repair and restoration of dental problems. These include broken teeth, broken or lost crowns, inlays and onlays and even some bridgework.

This computer-aided procedure uses 3D photography and CAD technology to give a complete picture of the restoration needed. The diamond-head cutting tool then cuts your precise restoration out of a block of ceramic, providing you with a custom fit like none other. The entire appointment can last less than two hours.


3D Cone Beam X-ray Imaging

Another excellent imaging tool we use at Midgette Family Dentistry is 3D cone beam x-ray imaging—a CT imaging scan that rotates around the patient’s head. A cone-shaped beam captures data and converts it to an imaging scan the dentist can use to get a complete picture of a complex problem.
Having a 3D picture can help the dentist find the most effective and efficient procedure to correct the problem, bringing the patient back to good oral health.

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“I am always greeted with a warm welcome & a smile when visiting Midgette Family Dentistry. The staff is phenomenal & very knowledgeable. They are professional but yet very down to earth, I enjoy going there along with my family.”

Chinetta Monroe

“The staff at Midgette Dentistry are so friendly! They always makes me feel very comfortable and welcome. I am confident that I am receiving excellent patient care and know they are looking out for my dental needs. I would highly recommended this office!!”

Rachel Thun

“Hesitant to tell how wonderful these people are because everyone will want to be treated here. I’ve been coming to them for 30 years and have great respect and trust in every aspect of this group.”

Suzanne Collins

“A little over two years ago I had to switch from Dr. Midgette’s Dentistry due to an insurance change. Recently I was able to obtain coverage that listed Dr. Midgette as an approved provider. It feels sooo good to be back home!”

Wenda Massey

“I have been a patient for 28 plus years and have always had a great experience. All staff is professional personal and pleasant. They all make going to the dentist enjoyable!! First rate all the way!!!”

Shawn Griffey
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