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Chesapeake VA Pediatric DentistAt Midgette Family Dentistry, we love kids. We have kids too, and we know that when it comes to your own child, you want the very best from them. We do as well! We recommend that you bring your little one to the dentist either when their first tooth erupts, or by their first birthday. It’s important to get your child in at the early stages of their life to prevent tooth decay and the formation of dental habits. We want to encourage the good habits, and help you avoid starting bad oral habits.

There are many ways you can prepare your child for their first dental appointment.

  • Find picture books that give a positive dental experience as the theme. Point out the pictures, and help them identify items that they will most likely see during their dental appointment. This helps familiarize your child with what they are about to do. The Berenstain Bears series has a great book about visiting the dentist.
  • Bring any ‘cozies’ along with you to the appointment. Many children have a blanket, stuffed animal, or other item that gives them a great deal of comfort, bring it!
  • Fill out paperwork prior to your appointment. This enables you to be able to focus on the needs of your child.
  • If possible, allow your child to watch as an older sibling or friend gets their dental care. This will be an inspiring event that will help your child have a vision for what a positive dental appointment looks like.
  • Help facilitate building a relationship between your child and our dentists at Midgette Family Dentistry. Your positive interactions will be a peaceful example for your child to follow.

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